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 Our Bulls


Double Stuff

This handsome guy was our first miniature. He is a gorgeous Belted Galloway that absolutely loves the ladies. His gentle disposition and small genetics (chondro+) make him the perfect gentleman for a few of our girls. He produces very small offspring and gorgeous belts. You can see his small size in the picture on the right with some our full sized cattle.



Frank is a very small Scottish Highland (Chondro -) bull. He has a gorgeous, fluffy coat with fabulous bangs. Frank is very gentle, loves to be brushed, and welcomes treats. We are very excited to welcome several of his offspring this year. 



Hermey was born on Christmas Eve, 2022. His momma, Georgia, is our sweetest cow.  He is a perfect chondro positive boy. His Sire is Pandarosa's Cesar.  It will be fun to watch him develop and we are excited about the possibility of Hermey being a future Sire here at Mini Cow Farms. Update on Hermey...Hermey tore his cruciate ligament at 6 months old and it was decided, with his best interest in mind, that he live his life as a steer.  He will forever be a resident at Mini Cow Farms. 

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