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Sold Mini Cows



This tiny chondro positive girl is quite a character and is the second miniature calf born on the farm. Her dam is Milli and sire is Double Stuff. This beautiful girl has a new home in Concordia, MO. 




Hattie is Tina and Double Stuff's second baby and is a perfect, tiny, chondro positive girl. She is short, stout, and has a big personality. She is going to a wonderful home in Tennessee where she will have a handsome hairy belted boyfriend! 




PolliAnna is a chunk of a chondro positive yellow Miniature Scottish Highland. She was born March 23, 2022. PolliAnna's am is Tammi and ire is Frank. Her hair is so thick with tight curls she looks like a real life teddy bear. She has discovered that she loves a good scratchin! She will be living in Concordia, MO with Milred. 




Winni is a perfect little ball of joy. She had a rough start after being born in unseasonably hot weather and suffering a fly strike. She is a curious girl! She is always investigating her surroundings and loves a good long afternoon nap. Winni is chondro positive. She is 75% Scottish Highland/25% White Park. Her dam is Pearl and sire is Frank. Winni joined Hattie in Franklin, TN on the beautiful farm owned by Franklin Cattle Company,  



Nicholas...Nic...for short...was born on Christmas Eve and is named after Santa himself. I felt like Nic was a true gift after surviving being born backwards and in subzero temperatures. He is a tough one for sure! He is chondro negative and will be a mid sized mini Scottish Highland.  His sire is Pandarosa's Sheldon (37") and his dam is Tina (42"). He will be available once weaned in early June. 

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