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Our Calves for Sale







Cash....Johnny Cash was born December 23, 2023. He is a Chondro + and a true teddy bear.  He gets his frizzy thick hair from is dam Tammi. His sire is Frank. He is a full sibling to sweet PolliAnna. He will be a tough one to let go but he will be available once he is weaned in May 2024. 



Chester is the most handsome steer around.  He was born 3/29/2023. He is Chondro + and structurally built like a tank. He would have been a great bull but has full size Hereford genetics down the line so would not have been safe to use as a bull for a miniature farm. His dam is Ester and sire is Frank. If you are looking for a pet or a buddy for your bull he is your guy. He will eat treats from your hand and we are currently working on learning that good scratches are awesome. 

Chesney...Kenny Chesney was born 11/16/2023. Chesney's dam Pearl accidently stepped on his tail when he was born so he has a one of a kind kink.  We tell him it just adds a little character. He has a really neat smokey gray undercoat. He is a chondro + 3/4 Highland and 1/4 White Park. His sire is Frank. He will be available once he is weaned in late April, 2024.


Ohhhh... this little leprechaun is a treasure.  He was born on St. Patrick's Day 2024.  Paddy is chondro + and a tiny mischievous little boy. His is a Hereford/Highland cross (Ester and Frank). His markings are perfect and he is exactly what you look for conformationally in a miniature.  He will be available once weaned in late July.  




This sweet girl just barely missed being an April Fools baby. Daphne was born on April 2nd, 2024 just a few minutes after midnight in a rainstorm. She is suspected chondro +. Her dam is Dahlilah and sire Frank.  She will be weaned the end of July and will be available. So far she doesn't know a stranger and loves attention. I expect she will be one of the friendliest babies we have ever had. 


Tex is a tiny little guy with a big name. He was born March 22, 2024. He is chondro +. His dam is Tina and sire is Double Stuff. He is solid! He loves bossing his bud Paddy around. He will be weaned the end of July and will be available at that time. 

Ranger...HiHo Silver Away

The Lone Ranger would be proud of this boy! He is so spectacular I just can't stop staring at him.  He is suspected chondro negative but testing is being done to confirm. He was born April 12th, 2024. His dam is my beautiful dun Toffi and his sire is Frank.  I have not decided yet if he will be available or retained for future Sire at Mini Cow Farms. The one thing I do know is he is something special. 



This dun tip handsome guy is Clooney! He is chondro negative. He was born April 15th, 2024.  His dam is Georgia, the sweetest cow at Mini Cow Farms, and his sire is Frank. He will be more mid size. His coat is really thick and soft so I think takes after his sire.  I can't wait to see how he develops.  He has potential to make someone a great herd sire if they want some color added to their farm. He will be available once weaned.

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